We offer a variety of vocal training and career planning services to our students including:

"Our mission is to help YOU along YOUR 'Vocal Journey' to Healthy Vocal Production through Self-Discovery, Exploration, and to help produce a more healthy musical environment throughout the world!"
We walk you through the process of tested, tried and true vocalise exercises that are the industry's best for building, strengthening and growing a world class instrument from the ground up.

Vocal technique can be an elusive concept for most, and we have carefully curated and cultivated the very best pedagogically sound vocal training techniques that are easy to understand and accomplish with our proven training systems and, well,...techniques.

We will carefully guide you through the confusing maze of the singing world to help you maximize your time and focus on learning appropriate repertoire for your voice, and not waste your time singing music that is not appropriate for you.
Once you have a handle of your vocal understanding, technique, and alignment, we will help you gain a laser focus on the career path that your vocal fach classification will naturally lay out for you. You will have no doubts or confusion about what direction your voice and singing career will be headed.

With over two decades of professional vocal training and gaining world class master clinician skills and experience, we can deliver clear, concise and very engaging class vocal training with guaranteed mastery and result oriented progress for not only the singer in question, but for every spectator in the room, whether they are a singer or not.

M-OStudio students are
a cut above the rest!

We've all heard the phrase, "Triple Threat", well here is

"The M-OStudio Triple Threat"!

Our students:

  1. have the most well-developed voices.
  2. are the most artistic.

You can find our students performing professionally in Opera Houses, National Tours, College and University productions, Prestigious Summer Programs and Young Artist Programs, local community theater, and high school theater.

Our students have a proven track record. They receive awards in state and national competitions and receive scholarships from prestigious colleges and universities.

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We build voices and create stars! Simple as that!

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What are our students are saying about us?

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I have been studying voice with Obed and Megan Floan for the past three years at Stillwater Area High School.  I can honestly say that studying with Obed will be one of the most influential parts of my life.  My dream is to one day become a professional Opera singer.  Each day I find myself coming closer to my goal.  I have learned so much through my private studies with Obed and continue to improve everyday.  I look forward to every lesson because I know that I will learn something new about the voice and improve my vocal technique.  This is only possible because of the amazing talents and gifts Megan and Obed both possess as voice instructors.  I have been performing with the MN Opera and been given an enormous amount of opportunities my senior year in High School and I owe it all to M-OStudio.  Not only is Obed my teacher and mentor, but he is also a great friend.

-Jack Swanson - High School Senior - 2010


Everyone should take lessons from either of these wonderful people! They both are extremely passionate about their craft. You will grow tremendously as a singer, artist, and musician! Studying with Obed gave me the confidence to say, “I am a singer.” Before studying with Obed, I was extremely insecure about my ability to sing. However, Obed was able to explain singing to me in a way that made sense, and was tangible. I will be forever grateful for my time studying with Obed!

-Jeremy Sheets - Former Oklahoma City University Student - 2018 Facebook Posting


I was a student in Megan’s studio for nearly three years during my time at the University of Oklahoma. Though I had been mildly successful as a vocalist in high school, I really wanted to develop my voice and take it to the next level. At the beginning of my time as an undergraduate, I was fortunate enough to be selected to the premiere choir at OU. Since I was a non-music major, I knew that private lessons would be vital in order to keep up with the music majors in my choir. My time with Megan not only helped me meet my expectations of regaining the skills I had during my high school years, but Megan also helped to develop my voice to a level I had never previously attained. Though I chose to pursue a career other than music, Megan was always supportive of my desire to improve as a vocalist. I am so thankful to Megan for her support, friendship, and advice—in both music and life.

-Kellie Reidlinger - University of Oklahoma College of Law - 2015


I am a seventeen year old baritone who has been studying with Obed Floan for over three years. Before studying with Obed I could carry a tune but I had no idea how my vocal instrument worked, or how to use it to produce a healthy, pure sound. From day one, I found Obed and Megan’s studio to be a comfortable environment. Obed and Megan’s friendly and easy going personalities made their studio seem like a home away from home. The amiability of Obed and Megan combined with their vast vocal knowledge and undying dedication to help their students in any way possible, makes Obed and Megan’s studio a place where a student is capable of dropping all restrictive barriers, and achieving vocal excellence, while having a good time in the process. Studying with Obed enabled me to open my eyes to certain detrimental vocal fallacies I had come accustomed to making while singing. I progressively struggled less with breath management, found it easier to comfortably access the upper register (the passagio), and successfully eliminated my production of diaphragmatic vibrato, an unnatural type of vibrato resulting from the pumping of the diaphragm, which I had previously developed by blindly trying to imitate classical singers. With Obed’s guidance, I have grown by leaps and bounds as a vocalist, and have found much vocal success, playing numerous leading roles in high school musicals, being cast in several professional operas, and most recently, qualifying for the semi-final round of a nation wide voice competition run by Classical Singer Magazine. I continually improve through my studies with Obed, with the future aspirations of becoming a professional classical singer.

-Kane Kalas - High School Junior - 2007

Optimizing every area
of your singing career!

From career planning and vocal technique management
to strategic musical & voice training, self-discovery, and exploration, 
we cover it all.


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