Featured Educational Singer Video

Featured Educational Singer Video!

Hello Everyone!  From time to time, Megan and I like to puruse the YouTubes for fellow singers that we know and like and see what they are up to.  We thought that it would be a great idea to share some of our personal favorites with you as a “Featured Educational Singer Video” and use this as an opportunity to celebrate the educational experience that goes along with enjoying these singers (keep in mind that we may feature something ‘not-so-enjoyable’ from time to time, but can also be just as educational, if not more than the good one’s too).

A little over a year ago, I had the VERY enjoyable experience of hear this week’s featured singer live at an outdoor summer concert in Chicago with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as they celebrated the music of Lerner & Loewe.  Ben Crawford is not only a great singer, but also VERY entertaining actor as well.  In this video we get to see his complete control and sheer power of such a unique instrument and also his charismatic charm he brings to pretty much all the performances he does.  I hope you all can take away something unique for yoursleves in this video that can shed some light on how you may be able to open up or access your instrument like he does so well when it counts!  Enjoy!

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