Lesson Fees

Current Rates

*Our Minnesota lesson fees are $32.50/half hour, $65/hour.

Payment plans are available upon consultation of determined need. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have.

  • The official fee for new students in our studio OUTSIDE OF THE NYC & CHICAGO AREA is $65 per 1 professional hour - (Recommended for maximum progress!) and $32.50 per 1 professional half an hour.
  • The official fee for new students in the NYC & Chicago Studios is $75 per 1 professional hour - (Hour-long lessons are the only lessons available in the NYC Studio).
  • A professional hour is 55 minutes in length, and a professional half an hour is 25 minutes in length.
  • Payments must be paid monthly during the first week of the month, however quarterly can be requested and weekly payments must be discussed on an individual basis.  Cash and checks and all major forms of Credit Cards are accepted.  Please make checks payable to: ‘M-OStudio Enterprises, LLC.  If you choose to pay by credit card during your lesson versus online ahead of time, a transaction fee of approximately 2.83% will be calculated into the fee listed above.  If you choose not to pay in advance, payment is due at the beginning of each lesson, otherwise your lesson must be ended a few minutes early in order not to use the next individual's lesson time for making your payment.
  • NO post-dated checks will be accepted as payment. (They will be returned to you.)
  • If your check does not clear for any reason, any bank fees we incur will be passed to you in order to rectify the situation along with the original payment(s).  At this point, we will then only accept cash or money order from you.