M-OStudio NYC!


M-OStudio NYC!

The Voice Studio of Megan Wagner and Obed Floan in New York City!

Limited Enrollment!


Newest/Hottest NYC Studio

Obed Floan has spent the better part of the last four years shaping the voices and artistry of young and up-and-coming singers from OCU (Oklahoma City University) which are now relocating to NYC to begin their careers…SO…Mr. Floan is now opening his official voice studio in NYC, to help the next generation of STARS make their rise in the Big Apple! If you are interested in building a strong vocal instrument that can take on and dominate today’s vocally demanding singing industry, then look no further. Mr. Floan is a MASTER at strengthening and polishing any voice from the ground up in the most healthy way. All are welcome! You don’t have to be an OCU alumna, but it would sure help! Widely known among the singing student population at OCU for creating the most improvement in students during their time in his studio, Obed Floan has amassed more than 15 years of growing healthy voices that are now taking the singing world by storm, all the way from Broadway to Opera! If you are not sure of your vocal health and where your vocal path is headed, Mr. Floan is your man! However, do not overlook the fact that his NYC studio is also the one-stop destination for even the most seasoned singers that may be looking for that crucial pair of ears to trust in order to move forward. There are no cookie-cutter techniques here to oppress your vocal identity…Mr. Floan has the best analytical troubleshooting ears in the singing business to help you diagnose and address the most detailed and subtle vocal issues. For those who have known of Mr. Floan’s teaching abilities in the past and haven’t had the opportunity to work with him before for whatever reason, now is your chance! Contact him now to schedule a consultation or a lesson if you are truly committed to gaining his knowledge and expertise! If you are ready to ACT NOW, then REGISTER HERE for the M-OStudio NYC NOW!!!

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