Monday Morning Motivation!

Monday Morning Motivation!

We found an awesome quote from Ben Folds. We really think he’s a great musician. The only music reality show we have been known to watch is “The Sing-Off” where he’s a judge. The comments and advice he gives are spot on.

Here’s a quote from him about being yourself:

“Why would I want to sound like Joni Mitchell? I’ve got Joni Mitchell records, and they’re great, and I couldn’t possibly be that good.”

– Ben Folds

This is true for all of us that study the art of singing. Why would we want to sound like someone else? We should all strive to sound like ourselves. There are some teachers that only teach a specific technique which can be limiting to a student, especially if the student doesn’t respond well to the technique they are being taught. Obed and I have searched high and low to find master teachers and learned everything they had to teach us, and then some, and we bring that experience to our teaching – to help our students find their voice, or their “vocal print.” Just be your unique self!

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Obed & Megan