Monday Morning Motivation! #7

Monday Morning Motivation!

Singing can prolong your life!

There’s a lot of research out on the “interwebs” when it comes to the link between music and brain function, calming emotions, reducing stress, and boosting workouts. Now, there are studies showing that music, actually singing in general, can help prolong your life!

How can singing prolong your life? Well, it can improve your health physically and psychologically. Physically speaking, exercising your vocal folds! What does that mean, you may ask? When you sing, you automatically are using your vocal folds, which in turn exercises your heart and lungs. It increases oxygen in the blood stream and works out muscles in many places, but a more concentrated focus is in the upper body.

Psychologically speaking, the action of singing reduces stress levels through the endocrine system. The act of singing creates endorphins to make you feel good!

So, be motivated to sing more! It’s good for you!

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