Monday Morning Motivation! – “Valentine’s Day Edition”

Monday Morning Motivation!

“Valentine’s Day Edition”

Happy Post-Valentine’s Day everyone!!  Hope you all had a chance yesterday to enjoy that one special day each year we designate to focusing our attention on that special person in our lives!  Just like the uniqueness of our individual voices, we all celebrate V-Day (as I like to call it) in very different ways, and here is a distinct perspective on a topic related to cupid’s day that makes ya think.  No matter your take on this somewhat controversial celebrity, I think we can all admit that he has a way with words at times that can open our eyes to see the world around us in different ways, and to that I say, hats off!  This quote I think might give you pause to stop and think about your signing in a different way if you turn its focus on singing rather then its original intent…”think about it!” …and again, Happy Post V-Day & Enjoy!

“I thought I was promiscuous, but it turns out I was just thorough.”

Russell Brand

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