Oh So Worth It…

Oh So Worth It…

Ya know, way too often my singing colleagues and mentors throw quite a bit of shade my way when we enter the discussion of my singing career and why I haven’t been out there taking the spotlight more often than I have in my time.  And honestly, I do feel the clock ticking for yours truly at times.  However, it’s at times like this when the culmination of my focus and hard work over the past decade or two where I have poured my heart and soul into helping others who have entrusted their vocal journey in me, pays off more than what I could have ever imagined.

When I enter into that sacred and dedicated relationship with a student, no matter where I meet them along their personal vocal journey, be it at the very beginning, or somewhere else along the path after other teachers, or years of study elsewhere, all I wish to do is make sure that we focus on helping THEM find the best path to THEIR vocal bliss, meaning what THEIR dreams and aspirations for what THEIR vocal goals in life are.  I have had more experiences in my teaching career with people from ALL walks of life, from very young to quite matured and accomplished, than most people will have in a lifetime, and every single one of them have a special place in my heart as I have watched them come and go.  I have had this very discussion with Megan, often, regarding that inevitable moment when we have to say goodbye, not very much unlike a parent sending their child off to college and out into the world, and wish all the success for them that you can and trust that you have given them the best tools to give them wings and let them fly.  Most often for us, right into the arms of another teacher…we can only hope that who they work with after us will be right for them and help them rather than send them backwards in their vocal journey.

I received a text from a former student, as I do from time to time, wanting to share a wonderful experience he recently had.  Nothing does my heart so good when I am contemplating my own vocal existence as a curator of the vocal artform, as when a student wants me to know what they have accomplished, even years after I have not been their primary teacher.  Jack Swanson is just one of those students with whom I will always be indelibly interlinked as I was his first teacher and this gave me the absolute honor to shape and influence his vocal path the way I know I can from scratch.  I couldn’t be more proud of this guy and all his successes as the world is now getting to know and love his vocal talents…and I know you will all come to love him as a person too!  🙂  So, you can now imagine how elated I was to get his heads up about his three days in studio with Fred Child on his show, Performance Today as Young Artist in Residence.  He is poised and quite ready to take the singing world by storm as he grows and spreads his wings post academia.  You can hear his 3-part interview online here, or by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 8.55.59 PM

Where do I even begin in recommending the services of Megan Wagner Floan and Obed Floan?  The two of them are the reason I am singing today and have directed my own vocal journey every step of the way.  I started studying voice with Obed Floan in 2009 at my High School in Stillwater, MN.  At that point in my life I was a choir nerd who thought that I would make it big in my Beatle’s cover band “The Silver Hammers” (Check us out on Myspace… but really… don’t).  Obed introduced me to singers like Luciano Pavarotti, Juan Diego Florez, Dimitri Hvorostovsky and Renee Flemming. Obed instilled in me the “opera bug” that from that point on has played a major part in my life.  Having Obed and Megan as counselors, trained ears and experienced professionals in the opera business has been one of the single most important things in starting my career as a professional opera singer. They have known my voice and what drives me to be successful since the beginning and dedicate themselves 100% to everything that they do.  I highly recommend checking out their e-book “Deepen Your Authentic Performance.”  It is extremely affordable for priceless information.
– Jack Swanson, Tenor

We would be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to remind you all that this is the proud fruits of our labor here at M-OStudio Entperprises, LLC, and as anyone will tell you in this industry, no one can make you any promises in the singing world….but what we can promise you is that we have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you Take Charge and Own YOUR Vocal Journey!  And Jack Swanson will be the first to proudly tell you the same as he has so many times just like above…we couldn’t thank you enough buddy, and also couldn’t be more proud of you!  Now go gettem’!!

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Obed & Megan

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