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Question: I want to do a competition in three weeks; can you help me if my last lesson was more than four months ago?

Answer: First of all, thank you for reaching out to us again! Of course we would be able to help you, but you need to manage your expectations. When a student takes off time from lessons as long as you did, you lose your muscle memory, range, strength, coordination with the body, and conditioning. Even if you sing a little bit everyday with the vocal exercises we gave you, you still weren’t coming in for more in-depth work and getting fine-tuned by our ears. There is always stuff to be done in lessons. The same type of thing goes for athletes – if you don’t continue your workout regiment, you won’t be at your peak ready for the game, or in your case, the competition.

With that being said, we hope that you have already picked out your competition pieces, as three weeks to learn how to sing, memorize, internalize, and add the performance factors into your songs is not enough time. This is why consistent study with us is important. If you haven’t selected your songs, the first of your three lessons will be picking out rep and giving your voice a quick assessment and tune-up. What we pick will be dependent on how you sound and your dedication in learning the music as fast as possible, as we would then only have two lessons left. If you have lost some of your voice, range, and capabilities from when we last worked with you, the songs we select will most likely be easy as there just isn’t enough time to work on something that could really show off your voice. Just think, if you would have continued your lessons with us, you really could have sung a showstopper or two!

So again, yes we can help you, but you need to manage your expectations as to what you can physically do and attain in such a short amount of time after your hiatus.

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